About Us

Comprehensive Patient Care. Personalized Touch.

That’s the Chiro Pals™ Way!

Chiro Pals™ is a prescribing service for Chiropractors. Chiropractors are connected with real Physicians (MD/DO), not mid level providers, who prescribe prescriptions on their Chiropractic Clinic’s behalf. Chiro Pals™ is about Physicians serving YOU.

Who We Are

Chiro Pals™ is a forward-thinking, modernized Chiropractic Service from Health Pals®. At Chiro Pals™, we believe our people are what makes us strong. We strive for a robust team mindset where we all lean in on each other for support and insight. Our company culture is both pure and bold, focused on the best of intent to deliver to all of our people, inside and outside of our company and within our community. Transparency and integrity are just a few of our core values. We work alongside our team members to ensure their success

Our History

We are part of The Health Pals® Company, an integrated healthcare delivery system. Chiro Pals™ was founded by Dr. Felicia Eddings out of a strong desire to ensure that patients received comprehensive and integrated care from their Chiropractor. As a licensed Healthcare Provider with experience in several different patient environments, she was concerned that Chiropractors were not getting the support they needed. Most Chiropractors cannot legally prescribe medications and did not have the support or finances to integrate a Physician into their clinics. This created a gap in care for Chiropractic patients; many of whom suffered from acute and chronic pain. At Chiro Pals™, we aim to close that gap.

At Chiro Pals, we make SENSE of health™.


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