Weight Loss


$299 / month; billed every 30 days

Service Includes

  • Weigh Ins and Vitals – Patient shall check in with Chiropractor at least once a month to obtain the following vitals and demographics;
    • Height
    • Weight
    • BMI
    • Blood Pressure
    • Heart Rate
    • Temperature
    • Oxygen Saturation
    • Pain Level (scale of 0 to 10)
    • Pregnancy Status
    • Breastfeeding Status
  • Moral Support – Chiropractor is responsible for serving as a Health Coach, Wellness Coach, and Point of Contact for the patient.
  • Prescriptions written by Physician – This plan includes a 503b Manufactured/Compounded Injection with one of the following as its active ingredient at no additional cost:


* Tirzepatide – ANY DOSE UP TO 2.5 mg WEEKLY

The following ancillary items are also included:

* 4 syringes

* 4 needles for withdrawing

* 4 needles for injecting

Please note that labs from the past 90 days (e.g. bloodwork, labwork, CBC and CMP) are needed in order to start weight loss injections. 

Due to the fact that weight loss medications and prescriptions, are provided as part of a bundle, all medications must be fulfilled by Pill Pals Pharmacy.

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